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All The Small Things

“Say it ain’t so, I will not go
Turn the lights off, Carry me home!”

One of the best songs ever. Never fails to begin a singalong, a good mood and a kickass dance around the room-athon.

Go forth, my dears and listen to the sounds of my childhood!


A Challenge For Myself and All Of You

One of the most awesome people I know posted a list called “100 Things I Love About Myself” and challenged us to do the same.
Something tells me it’ll be updated slowly and quickly depending on the kind of day!
Maybe 10 each posting? Some will be explained, some will be left alone.

So, here we go:

100 Things Amelia Loves About Herself (The Beginning!):

1. My Hair – Is it insane? God, yes. But sometimes it looks awesome and it’s nice to whip it around and run my fingers through it. Also, it’s a great replacement for real dance moves-just shake it around! Boom, a dance move that is relatively socially acceptable.

2. My Fingers – Now, this will sound weird, but even when I joke about them being tubby, sausage fingers they are capable of a lot. They write essays, lists, goals and ramblings. They play saxophone and can (sort of) play piano. And, hopefully, ukelele soon! They allow me to hold hands and comfort those I love. Also, I can paint my nails for funsies.

3. My Eyes – They change into many shades of blue and gray, depending on setting, lighting, etc. But I love them. They’re expressive and I think they’re pretty.

4. My Lips – I like them. They’re nice.

5. My Smile – I love it.

6. My Love of Reading – It’s made me a better person, a smarter person and it has most definitely gotten me through a lot. It’s helped me survive and thrive.

7. My Empathy – I feel things intensely and even when it sucks and I hate it, I am proud of it.

8. My Compassion – One of my proudest traits.

9. My Laugh – It’s weird and varies, but I love it. Long live the snortlaugh!

10. ENFP – I’m an ENFP and proud.