The Butterfly Effect

Ah, the butterfly effect… Consider It’s A Wonderful Life. One change entirely rewrites history! Without George being born the lives of everyone in his hometown are changed for the worst. Whether it’s a small act of kindness, he’s impacted so many lives without realizing it. That’s beautiful and wonderful.

I always think of that film when I hear the question, “If you could go back in time and change anything about your life, what would it be?”
If something as small as the flapping of butterfly wings can change the world, changing something about your life… Oof.

So, I’ve always had the immediate answer of: “I wouldn’t change anything. Everything that happened has made me who I am and all I can do is work harder to be better.” And it’s something that I was so proud of. Do I have regrets? Hell yes! Do I wish I was a better person? Of course! All I can do is work on myself from here on out.

But lately? God… I don’t know anymore. Lately, all I can think is, if this hadn’t happened, I’d be… okay. I’d have had a better time studying abroad. I’d have had more friends in London. I’d be on my path to getting my diploma, my degree. I’d be with my friends…

But what gets me the most? I’d feel safe.

I don’t have that feeling of safety anymore. I am trying so hard to get to a better place, but I’m so tired. Lately, I’m sick of having to fight so hard. I’m sick of feeling scared, alone and ashamed.

I’m working hard to get there and while I know I will eventually… Right now sucks.

Welcome to the sweet, sweet therapy blog, kids!


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